For Purchasers

We have excellent connections with all major manufacturers of scientific and laboratory equipment. We can serve you by providing the right equipment that meets your requirements at the right price and within the agreed delivery time.
Our exporting and shipping knowledge further enhances our service. We can ensure that your equipment reaches you safely and securely. We can deliver to most parts of the world (subject to any export controls and carrier restrictions in place at the time of shipment).
If you have a requirement for a scientific laboratory or educational product, please contact us. We think you will be pleasantly surprised with our service.

For Manufacturers & Suppliers

Our connections and local knowledge, particularly in Africa and West Asia (Middle East) are available to manufacturers and suppliers who want to sell individual products to specific clients or who have a desire to expand their general sales activities in specific local markets.
We specialise in only scientific, laboratory and educational products and have built up expertise in this area. We can assist you as follows:-

  • Provide information on local and country market conditions for your particular products
  • Assist you with marketing activities
  • Visit specific clients on your behalf
  • Handle the complete sales process for you including export, shipping and payment collection
  • Provide after-sales activities such as maintenance and service