Model SSM-21P Surface Salinity Checker

ISO 8502-9 Equivalent

At Last a Simple Method for Checking Surface Salinity of Steel Surfaces Prior to Painting................

Steel structures require careful preparation prior to painting. Checking the salinity of the steel surface is essential in order to judge whether the structure is ready for painting. The Model SSM-21P eliminates old fashioned, time consuming and cumbersome methods and allows the surface salinity to be measured simply and directly in real time.

The use of this instrument will improve the reliability of test results and increase the overall efficiency of the preparation and painting processes.


Surface salinity (mg/m2) can be directly read in three formats

  • Soluble salt concentration
  • Sodium Chloride concentration
  • Conductivity of solution

Measurement is performed in-situ
No sample collection or removal is required.. The measuring cell is placed on the steel surface and held in place by a magnetic base. Pure water is injected into the measurement cell using a disposable syringe and the measurement result obtained. No more cumbersome washing and collection activities.

No need for adhesive patches as used in other methods
The measuring cell features a magnet base that provides easy attachment to the steel surface to be checked. No more sticky residues left on the steel surface as with other, old fashioned, procedures such as the Bresle Method.

Portable Instrument
Lightweight and compact size provides excellent portability allowing the meter to be easily carried around and used wherever required.

Connection to Peripheral Devices
The meter includes an interface for connection to external peripheral equipment such as printers, personal computers, etc. (peripheral equipment available separately for additional cost).


More Detailed Information



For more detailed information, please download our pdf datasheet.