Model SU-300 Sugar Analyser

The model SU-300 provides quick, simple and accurate measurement of sugar related compounds. The measurement principle is based on Ion Chromatography. From one sample injection, 5 types of sugar or 7 types of sugar based alcohols can be measured. The instrument has been designed to be simple and straightforward to operate so that even semi-skilled laboratory staff can use it and obtain accurate results.


  • Simple and fast-Inject the sample and wait approximately 15 minutes. The results are automatically printed out
  • Built in Automatic Data Processing function. PC control is not required
  • Compact size. Pump, detector, oven and data processor in 1 unit
  • Low total cost for performance and function
  • Built in printer and large LCD display
  • Multi sampler option for automatic measurement
  • Ease of maintenance. All access is from the front of the instrument

More Detailed Information

For more detailed information, please download our pdf brochure.