Model IA-300 Ion Analyser

The IA-300 Ion analyser is the direct result of more than 50 years’ experience
in the field of ion analysis and decades of outstanding research in ion chromatography.
It is a small footprint dedicated chromatograph for measurement of a predefined number of ions.

Decidedly robust in use, the Model IA-300 is very easy to use – even by semi-skilled personnel. It is also economical in regard to purchase and running costs, and of course provides precise and reliable results.

The IA-300 can measure measure either 6 cations or 7 anions quickly and easily in many types of samples. It incorporates a very simple operation for the routine lab where high accuracy and quick analysis times are required with minimal operator interaction.




  • Ease of maintenance due to all access being from the front of the instrument
  • Stable performance in rough surroundings
  • Maximum up-time
  • Optimized user interface
  • Low purchase and running costs
  • Suppressor system available
  • Very low detection limits
  • Very short start-up time
  • Calibration with long-term stability
  • Built in printer and large LCD display
  • Great flexibility for sample sizes and containers
  • Multi sampler option for automatic measurement

More Detailed Information

For more detailed information, please download our pdf datasheet.