Model SAT-500 Salt Analyser

The Model SAT-500 provides quick and easy measurement of salt and chloride ions. The measurement can be carried out within 25 seconds by dispensing a small amount of the sample solution into the measuring beaker using a micro-dispenser. The instrument is suitable for use in a wide range of applications such as quality control in food processing.


Simple, reliable operation
Measurement starts automatically after injection of sample solution using the micro-dispenser. The instrument provides extremely accurate results (less than 0.5% in C.V. for 2% solution).

Fast Measurement

Measurement is completed within 25 seconds for 1% standard solutions. Even for high concentration samples measurement is completed in 40 seconds.

Same electrolyte can be used continuously

The same electrolyte can be used for continuous measurement, more than 100 measurements for 1% standard solution or 60 measurements for high concentration samples. This reduces running costs.

Sample colour does not affect measurement

The detector only responds to salinity (Cl-) and is unaffected by colouring additives or seasonings.

Average value printout
Printouts for average value every n measurements, average value and each datum from No. n to No. n1, from No. n to No. n1 except specific No. x after measurement.

Direct reading for salinity
Display of both NaCl and Cl- concentration available together with printout.